Burningleos (AKA KaiserBeats) is on youtube!

2016-04-24 01:50:38 by Burningleos

Hey guys, I decided to share something on Newgrounds, Most of you probably know that i have a youtube channel, but no Everyone does, so i decided to share my info on Youtube


Basically, I make remixes, thats all, maybe some original compositions from time to time!

Patreon Announcement

2016-02-15 19:28:37 by Burningleos

4546190_145558251641_kidkaiserx_is_on_patreon_by_kidkaiserx-d9oln3l.pngHey Guys, KaiserBeats Here, I wanted to show you guys this, but im making a Patreon, If you guys like, you canĀ help me fund such goals for future projects, I don't know what projects, but when the time comes, I'll make it, And i may be "new" on Newgrounds (heh get it?) But if you like, you can help me get myself known by sharing my profile link, or share information on social media, but for now, generosity is the best way to go for me i guess, but it can help me in the long run, and so can you!

So help if anything possible (Pls? D:)

Yours Truly, KaiserBeats